KPTronix team has vast expertise on critical applications in automotive electronics and in-vehicle infotainment offering product design, next generation architecture, product realization and testing & validation services. KPTronix offers a vast range of product development services for automotive electronics to some of the leading automotive brands worldwide. KPTronix Technologies team has worked extensively on designs for automotive electronics and have executed projects in segments like :

a. Body Control Electronics

b. Restraints & safety Modules

c. Infotainment, Telematics & Navigation

d. PowerTrain & EMS

e. Comfort and HVAC

f. Instrument Clusters

d. Invehicle diagnostics (OBD)


KPTronix has created a niche for itself in Industrial automation domain. We have focused and specialized product development services in the area of Industrial Sensors, Motion controllers, protection relays, Integrated PLCs and HMI panels. We also execute projects in real time product development using variety of operating systems such as Embedded Linux, WinCE, VCRT, QNX etc. We support PC software development, Embedded Software development, Board support packages, Porting and validation for the following product lines:

a. Device Drivers and Industrial Board Support Packages:


c. Digital Signal Processing:

d. PLC

e. Motion Control (distance, position, velocity of Servo & Stepper Motors, incremental encoders, linear encoders)

f.Communication Protocol Stacks (Modbus, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Interbus, and CAN, J1939, KWP )


KPTronix team has extensive experience in designing products which integrate audio, video, wireless technologies and DSP Algorithms to provide world-class solutions for innovative, next-generation consumer electronics devices. KPTronix has been at the forefront, helping consumer electronics product developers bring out feature-rich wireless and multimedia enabled devices.KPTronix has ported various standards based CODECs to different DSP architectures and optimized them for speech, audio, video image processing in real time.

  • Expertise in G.711, G.726, G.728, G.729A/B, MPEG4-CELP, FR, EFR, AMR, EVRC, QCELP and SMV
  • Expertise in MP3 ,MPEG4, Dolby AC3, WMA audio/video encoder/decoder
  • Expertise in JPEG, JPEG2000 encoder/decoder
  • Expertise in H264, H323 video conferencing and security surveillance applications

The imaging technology solutions developed by KPTronix are primarily for security, surveillance, target image capturing, images for scientific data analysis and archival purposes. It gives us an edge over to cater to any similar requirements across the industry segments. Our engineering team specialized in this segment, supplemented by other in-house groups for support function enables us to achieve the best results required by our customers. KPTronix can provide solutions in all the environment conditions like commercial, industrial grade, and Automotive requirements.

Core & Access Networks

The core network primarily provides interconnection and transfer between Edge networks. Access network, on the other hand, is a component of a communication network that lets individual subscribers or devices to connect to the core network. The two channels provide for a lot of complexity and challenges. We, at KPTronix, have deep knowledge and expertise in this domain. We offer back bone network architechture and designing for fiber optic network layer technologies like SDH, SONET, DWDM,etc. We are conversant with network equipments and network management systems from NORTEL, ABB etc.

Mobile & Wireless Networks We are familiar with technologies & protocol stacks such as GSM, WCDMA, HSPA, mobile WiMAX, LTE and TD-LTE. We work on your platform and UI of choice. Project scope can range from a concept prototype to a partial development project to a complete and fully validated type-approved device.

We work with Android, Symbian, Linux, Windows Phone and are familiar with all major wireless chipset platforms. We have expertise in a. library development for DSPs meant for mobile devices and wireless base station equipment taking advantage of specific DSP architectures and application requirements. b.Wireless physical layer implementation in DSPs. Optimization for speed (MIPS) and power limitations. c. Implementation of Audio/Video/Multimedia processing components in mobile phones d. DSP centric applications in broadband communication equipment including cable modems, residential gateways, VoIP systems, streaming servers