With over 40+ man years experience, KPTronix expertise enables us to offer a complete set of software development services from bootloader and device drivers up through the application and user experience levels.
Development of Software layers


*. Application(C,C++,UML, OOAD,Design Patterns, State Machines & Multitasking.)

*. Middle Ware (Protocol Stacks, libraries,CAN, Profibus, Modbus)

*. Device drivers (USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, GPSID, UART, SPI, I2C, audio codec, video codec, camera, LCD, SSD, PCIe, SATA, Flash, SDRAM, SD/MMC, SDIO, GPIO, Keypad, A/D, D/A, DRM, PowerVR SGX, OpenVG and OpenGL ES integration, and more)

*. Controller (TI, Analog, Atmel,ARM, ARM Cortex, Power PC)

*. RTOS (QNX, VxWorks, SafeRTOS, RTLinux)”

Verificaiton & Validation

KPTronix believes in subjecting the software developed to regorios testing methodologies to make it field ready. Following Verification and validations techniques are applied

*. Static and dynamic code analysis (PC-Lint,QAC, Polyspace, Code SONAR)

*. Unit testing (Open source testing frameworks, code coverage testing tools)

*. Integration Testing & System testing using HILs systems

*. Software traceabilities from requirement, design, code and test specifications and reports.